Silikomart Silicone Mould

Mini Gemma by Ksenia Penkina


The incomparable beauty of a refined jewel will shine on your table with Mini Gemma by Silikomart. Its multi-faceted pattern will seduce you at first sight as a gemstone will. Each cavity of the mould Mini Gemma, of the line 3Design by Silikomart, is provided with a revolutionary internal border which gives a slightly round base to your creations. Mini Gemma guarantees impeccable results not only as a semifreddo or mousse, but also in baked creations.

Mini Gemma is one of the signature moulds of Ksenia Penkina created and produced in collaboration with Italy's Silikomart. This revolutionary silicone mould has been designed with love and care and includes one of Ksenia Penkina's exclusive recipes inside the box.

Dimensions: Six cavities X 68 mm x 42 mm

Volume: Six cavities X 110 ml

Made in Italy by Silikomart.


Quality of Silicone

  • Made from LSR liquid silicone.

Food Regulation Compliance

  • All materials used are tested in accordance with the Foods Standards Agency.

Thermal Stability

  • Suitable for freezing and baking. Resistance between temperatures of -60°C (-76°F) and +230°C (+446°F)

Design, quality, and handiness are skillfully combined in all Silikomart products. Silikomart moulds are characterized by extreme versatility. The moulds are suitable for ovens, refrigerators, and blast chillers. They can resist to temperature ranges between -60°C (-76°F) and +230°C (+446°F). Elasticity and flexibility allow the moulds to save space for storage and easily regain its shape. All Silikomart moulds are washable in dishwasher and are guaranteed for frequent use.



* Final cake picture is shown as an example produced when using this mould. Actual results of your final cake's appearance may differ depending on your qualification.