Chocolate World Polycarbonate Mould

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From Chocolate World Belgium, artistically crafted with advanced technology, from 100% virgin polycarbonate, these moulds bring the finest details and design to your chocolates or bon bons.

With high polish tooling, creating an easy release, these sophisticated moulds are ISO certified and quality guaranteed, with full traceability.

The highly polished surface helps your chocolate achieve the glossy luster and beauty found in the finest chocolates and truffles. The polycarbonate material is virtually unbreakable and will not warp or flex. When properly cared for, these moulds will last a lifetime.

Dimensions: 275 mm x 135 mm x 24 mm
Cavity Dimensions: 30 mm x 24 mm x 16 mm X twenty four cavities

A Perfect Final Product

  • Compared to aluminium or silicone chocolate moulds, polycarbonate moulds bring out a higher gloss in your chocolate shell. They also distribute the heat of the tempered chocolate more evenly and reduce the chance of creating dull spots on the chocolate shell due to refrigeration.

A Mould with a View

  • An additional advantage of using polycarbonate moulds is their transparency, which enables you to keep an eye on your moulded chocolates during the cooling process. If they still show some dark spots, the chocolate isn’t entirely hard yet and will stick to the mould. Just pop your moulded chocolates back in the refrigerator then and give them another few moments to set.